The NYPD Police Officer Exam

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In order to become a cop on the New York Police Department, you have to take quite a few exams to be accepted. These exams are nothing like the exams you took in school though. These exams are harder than the ones you had in school, because the LAPD only accepts the best of the best.

Here are some facts about the NYPD recruitment officer exam. 7 out of 10 applicants fail the exam every single year. The main reason the failure rate is so high is because many recruits do not study. The exam is designed to be challenging in order to weed out those that are not cut out for the force.

The entrance exam for the NYPD will have a lot of scenario based questions. This means that the questions will simulate events and then measure what you would actually do if in these situations. For example, there is a section that measures your recall ability. The reason is that while on patrol, you will have to remember descriptions and most wanted faces. You will need to be able to recall things you have seen, heard and experienced down to the smallest detail.

Memory recognition is a very important part of police work. You can prepare for this by taking a drive and checking out your surroundings. Be aware of what you are seeing and make mental notes. When you are done with your drive, write down what you remember. Take the drive again and see if it matches up. This will help you with this part of the testing.

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