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Many people are interested in having a job in finance. There are many careers in finance out there. Some of them you might not actually think are financial careers, but they are in that field.

1. Bank tellers. This is one that many people don’t realize is part of the financial world. Many people think jobs in finance are thinks like stock brokers, but tellers count as well. Bank tellers are handle withdrawals, deposits and account inquiries. Depending on the bank, they may also open and close accounts, sell bonds and certificates of deposit and handle paperwork.

2. Auditors. When you think of auditors you are probably worried that they are going to go through your taxes. But, they are a key part of the financial world. They make sure that everything is going where it should be. They go through the records to make sure that everything is being handled the way it should be. They also compile reports to give to clients.

3. Collectors. While everyone knows about bill collectors, without people collecting money, there wouldn’t be much of a financial business. They take care of making sure that accounts are paid, as well as collecting on delinquent accounts.

4. Accountants. Not only do they keep track of the accounts to make sure that everything is counted, they also can advise about what financial moves to make as well as analyzing what the current financial plan is and what effects any changes may have.

5. Personal financial advisors. Big companies get help from people who specialize in those large financial matters. But, for you a personal financial advisor is what you need. They are able to look at your financial plan and help tweak it so that it works for you. If you don’t have one, they can help you set one up, including how to pay for retirement, trusts and wills.

These are only a few of the many jobs that are open in the financial field. Some of them require only a high school diploma, but the rest require at least some higher education. if you have a particular job that you are interested in, you should check to see how much education you need for it. Most universities will have a program that you can apply for that will help you to get the job in the field of finance. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you.

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