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Moving to a different country can be quite a challenging decision.

At first, we might feel slightly overwhelmed by the significant amount of small details to care about, not to mention more important things as to find a place where to live or, for many, to find a new job.

Moreover, relocating to a new country means, in most cases, we won`t be able to see our families and our best friends, which we grew up with, as often as we used to.

Nevertheless, it`s hard not to feel thrilled by such a change and by the challenges that it brings!

If on one hand, there are lots of things to consider, on the other hand, relocating implies making new acquaintances, confronting ourselves with different cultures, and why not, new career opportunities.

As an expat living in Prague, Czech Republic, for several years by now, the first culture clash, I experienced was the language.

Well yes, Czech language is definitely not an easy one, especially if you`re missing a Slavic language background, yet not too hard to learn the basics, at least. However, I believe this can be applied to any other language and countries as well.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to meet lots of interesting people from all over the world and to be involved in several productive and stimulating activities and projects over the years.

A few recommendations, based on my personal experience, for all of those who are either planning or just evaluating the pros and cons of relocating to a new place and pondering their next move:

  • Be as much sure as you can be the country you are going to move in is a good fit for you.
  • Read and get informed about the country and its culture, it will help you to understand it and to keep an open mind.
  • Same as above, what the country`s Customs and Etiquette are.
  • Gather some information about which neighborhoods are good to reside in; if you are moving to a city which is attracting tons of tourists, you might want to avoid the noisiest and busiest areas.
  • Have a general overview of the cost of living.
  • Compare the cost of living with the average salaries per category and per field.
  • Check the real estate market, if you are interested in buying, and the rent prices.
  • Which are the job opportunities you are going to find and if they do reflect your experience/expectations. In short, what’s the job market like.
  • Climate, this might be tricky, especially when it comes to commuting, if you`re moving from a warm country to a way much colder one or vice versa.
  • Create a step-by-step moving checklist and a schedule, it will help you organize and keep under control your moves without the “risk” of forgetting something important.
  • Legal requirements, if needed, such as Immigration Cards, Residence Permits, Visas, Work Permits, where and how to get them.

That is just to name a few tips which I hope to be helpful as a starting point.

The reasons for relocating can be thousands and the most various, the desire to experience something new, the lack of proper job opportunities in your own city, wanderlust, will to change and so on…

Though it might appear intimidating sometimes, it is important to be fully motivated to, if you allow me to say, “jump into the unknown”.

When things will start running, they usually happen quite fast and you will find yourself being thrown into your “new life” and new place sometimes without even realizing you are actually already there,that you did it.

Looking back at all that planning and overthinking before, it will look like if it happened ages before.

So, if you are there reading these few lines, all I can say is: less headache and more action!

Tons of new opportunities are waiting somewhere for us to catch them up, and so often the right timing is essential.

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