Travel Nurses Spoiled With Benefits in a Rewarding Career with Excellent Future Prospects

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Imagine living in California for a year and then moving to New York for six months, And then occasional moving out to Hawaii, with all your travel expenses paid. Imagine enjoying an above average income where you go, with almost 100% job security and prospective employers lined up to welcome you in your next chosen home? These are some of the things enjoyed by all travel nurses who are in very high demand.

To make sure their staffers are happy and secure, a number of travel nurse staffing agencies provide deluxe housing at no cost for their nurses.

These agencies do have housing specialists on their staff who make sure that no matter where their travel nurses go, they will enjoy first class lodging at zero or very nominal cost. This is one career where you do not have to worry about rents and housing conditions. Through their local housing services, most better-known staffing agencies can easily make all the necessary housing arrangements at the point of destination.

Most travel nurses do not pay a dime to get their licenses renewed since the staffing agency takes care of such licensing fees.

Some staffing agencies also pay for VisaScreen and NCLEX-RN exams.

Professional Liability Insurance coverage is yet another benefit that most premiere staffing agencies provide for their travel nurses.

Credentialing Assistance and Continuing Education: Many healthcare staffing agencies make sure that their travel nurses meet and exceed the JCAHO requirements of the hiring client facilities. For the same purpose, nurses are provided the opportunity to continue their career educations and keep up with the latest findings, methods and techniques in their critical profession. Some agencies provide on-line classes and workshops for the convenience of their traveling healthcare contractors.

All in all, becoming a travel nurse is a rewarding career choice that those interested in an exemplary healthcare career path should consider seriously.

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