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One of the perks associated with today’s credit cards is the frequent flier program. In order to determine which program is best for you, you should consider whether you will be able to obtain benefits from the dominant airlines in your region. You should also try to find out which card will provide the easiest ticket with the fewest hassles.

Airline-sponsored credit cards permit you to focus on a single airline. It the airline has a hub in your community, it may be responsible for most of the routes to potential destinations. As a result, such credit cards can be convenient and economical and could save you a great deal of money in the long run.

One option is Northwest VISA which is offered through U.S. Bank. The card comes in both platinum and business versions—the business variety offers more detailed expense tracking services. Just for signing up, you’ll receive 10,000 miles. The annual fee is $55 for the platinum and $90 for the business card. The card permits you to earn miles beyond the $10,000 a month. Once you get past that limit, you will receive a mile for every $2 a month spent.

Delta American Express Skymiles can be used in a number of upscale establishments. However, some travelers complain that it cannot be used as widely as a VISA card. The annual fee is $85, and the interest rates are calculated according to a complex formula. The card is not available in Iowa or Puerto Rico.

The American Airlines Citibank MasterCard combines two giants of industry—American Airlines and Citibank. The card comes in two different varieties—platinum select and gold. You can earn 7,500 bonus miles for opening a platinum select account, and 10,000 bonus miles for the gold account.

The British Airways VISA Card awards you an astounding 15,000 miles the first time you use the card. The five-month introductory APR is in the single digits; after that, you’ll be charged 12.99 percent APR for any unpaid balances. The annual fee for this Bank One card is $75.

Another option is bank-sponsored credit cards. Such cards permit greater flexibility, since the miles earned can be used on a number of different airlines instead of just one. If one airline does not dominate in your region, this type of card is probably best. Also, the minimum mileage required for travel is frequently lower than that of airlines-sponsored cards.

One popular variety is the Capital One MilesOne Card, which awards one mile for every dollar spent, up to a limit of $10,000 a month. Once you earn 9,000 points, you can win a free flight. Experts say it’s a good card to have if you want to shop for fares for a number of different airlines.

No matter which card you choose, frequent flier miles are certainly a significant bonus. Such rewards programs allow you to get extra mileage out of your credit cards.

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