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Have you ever wished you could spend more time with your family? Have you ever wanted to

give up the stress of commuting to your office or worksite every day? Have you ever dreamed

of beginning your workday in your pajamas?

There have always been jobs that people could do at home. In years past, housewives would

care for someone else’s child, or take in sewing tasks that they could perform in their own

homes. However, in this age of information, the internet has opened the door to a whole new

realm of opportunities for creating wealth while staying home.

There are several choices a person has when he or she decides to begin making an income at

home. There are corporations that hire people to perform tasks at home. These corporations

“outsource” these tasks because not only does it give people an opportunity to stay at home

while making a living (which keeps employees happier and causes them to work longer term) it

is often more cost efficient for the company. There is little to no ‘overhead’ for an

employee that is not onsite, although many of these work-at-home employees receive company


Some of the most common corporate-sponsored work at home jobs are:

Data Entry

Document Coding

Virtual Assistants

Legal Transcription

Medical Transcription

Customer Service Reps

Freelance Writers





Online Tutors

Call centers

People who decide to work with a corporation that offers work from home opportunities should

first research the corporation. How long have they been in business? Are they reputable?

Are there others who work for them who will tell you what you can expect? How will you be

paid? Are benefits available?

Another, very popular way of working at home is what is known as Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliates are people who sign up with companies to market their products at their own

expense. The companies, in turn, give a percentage of all sales to the affiliate as

payment. Some companies offer up to 75% of the sale to the affiliate. Some individuals who

do affiliate marketing have made a killing online marketing the products of others. Three

of the internet’s top affiliate marketers, all who have become wealthy online, are:

Allan Gardyne at

Allan Gardyne writes everything about affiliate programs and maintains a directory of

quality affiliate programs you could find on the Internet.

Rosalind Gardner at

Rosalind Gardner tells us that Internet Marketing is not complicated, nor is rocket science.

Hers is a success story and she’s a living proof, among 2% of Internet Marketers, that you

and I can succeed in earning money on the Internet.

Ewen Chia and Autopilot Profits on digg review

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Straits Times (print Edition, above) on 29 April

2007, a self taught entrepreneur discuss about how he made his first million on the Internet

and his take home pay is five-figure income on average from Web business. He has made it in

the game of life and lives in a 5-storey 3,000 square feet house with his wife and two sons

and he drives a white BMW 5 series.

It is a fact that people spend money by shopping online. From a report on in 2003:

U.S. online retail sales this year will close at $95.7 billion, climbing to $229.9 billion

in 2008. Next year’s sales are projected at $122.6 billion, with $149.2 billion, $176.8

billion and $204.3 billion forecast for 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively.

Everyday people, from all walks of life, have learned how to create an income from home. The

idea of working from home can go from a fantasy you have as the drudgery of your workday

overcomes you, to a reality. The choice is completely up to you.

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